Trust us for the best remote monitoring method for you

Remote Monitoring

Accuracy and reliability is of vital importance when it comes to data collection particularly in engineering and manufacturing applications.

BlackBox recognises that not every customer is the same when it comes to methods of data collection and display. Different variables will come into play from how your data is collected, where it goes, who has access to it and how it is displayed.

Flexibility has been key to our success and we can provide a range of methods all aimed at meeting your business needs to securely and safely collect and transmit your data to the chosen secure location weather that be our own secure servers or your business servers.

  • Telemetry
  • Wifi
  • Network (Ethernet/Lan)
  • Satellite

Which remote technology best suits your existing or future instruments? Want to bring a mix of remote applications together? Need to mix both existing applications and new together?

Utilising our experience and skills we can asses your requirements and put forward the best solutions.