Trust Blackbox for independent and impartial Instrumentation solutions


When selecting which instrument to use the accuracy and reliability element is key as of course is determining the correct variable to measure or monitor.

BlackBox does not align itself to any single manufacturer we use our knowledge and experience to assess your requirements and put forward the best solution and we work all instrument manufacturers in the market place.

Often we are asked by customers to put together a choice or short list of instruments to meet a specific brief which we are happy to do. We will also provide you with our recommendation based on our experience and we will guide you through the process of which is the best instrument and controls for your application.

We provide a wide range of instrument solutions for various applications across the engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors. Some examples include:

  • ATEX and COMAH applications
  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Density
  • Flow& Process (liquids, gases, steam and air)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality
  • Remote Applications
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Instrument design & control

Flow and Process (liquids, gases, steam and air)

Selecting the correct technology or measuring principle is imperative in ensuring that the data that your flow/process metering provides is accurate and reliable.

BlackBox will ensure that you have the best application to meet the requirements and scope for your needs and ensure that you achieve your desired objectives.

We provide metering with a ride of technologies including Coriolis, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Variable, Vortex, Differential pressure, Thermal mass and Turbine.

Remote monitoring is also available on Flow/Process metering with the option of our flexible dashboard application and automated data receiving.

Control Solutions

Should you require a control system for your process environment we can create a specification, design, build, install and commission control solutions to meet your requirements.

Installation and Commissioning

We have experience of ATEX applications and operating on COMAH sites and provide complete installation and commissioning including Electrical, Fabrication, pipe fitting/welding, MEWP, Hazardous areas and commissioning.